Our trunk-style safari bags are individually handcrafted at a factory nestled in the cypress-filled hills south of Florence. The factory exhibits a unique know-how, passed down from father to son.

Stepping into this factory is like taking a trip back in time where tight-knit families passed down their skills from generation to generation and sought the expertise of a select few to assist in the creation of handmade leather goods.


The business is a family affair in the truest sense, with the father and son overseeing the production floor, and the son's wife managing the administration. A handful of other skilled craftsmen work in the factory, and in true Italian style, the sense of family is extended to everyone involved, including clients and vendors.


The owner has a deep passion for his craft, often digging into his archives to show us unique pieces, and stays current with developments in his field – he balances this during his spare time with windsurfing on the Tuscan coast.

This factory is quaint and unique in its own right, with its individual workstations allowing artisans to individually work on goods throughout several stages in the production process, rather than traditional assembly lines in which workers only fulfil one aspect of the process.


The entire pattern-making procedure is done by hand, allowing for many trials and the opportunity to reflect on the functionality of each piece as the pattern is being made.

The factory is highly acclaimed, having worked with the most esteemed brands in the handbag market. They’ve earned their reputation for their eagerness to always find the best solution for any challenges they may encounter, no obstacle is too big for them - they always make the impossible possible.