Bottle Bag - Corda Leather

Bottle Bag - Corda Leather



As part of our ongoing initiatives for sustainability and to reduce plastic in the environment, we are proud to present as part of our collection this new Bottle Bag, in collaboration with model and Sustainable Fashion Ambassador Arizona Muse.

The bag has been designed with a front pocket and exterior  key clip.  Included with the bag is a Clima Bottle Steel 500ml by 24Bottles®, with a unique double-walled insulated design that keeps hot beverages warm for 12 hours, and cold beverages chilled for 24 hours.

  • Veg-tanned leather in Corda

  • Adjustable shoulder strap can be worn cross-body

  • Custom silver-tone hardware

  • Snap front pocket for easy access, fits most mobile phones

  • Pocket size: 9.5 cm length | 15 cm height | 3 cm gusset

  • Key clip on one side

  • Comes with logo dustbag

  • Made-in-Italy - learn more about the craftsmanship here

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Participate in the #ODPBottleBagChallenge!

The #ODPBottleBagChallenge invites customers to tag us in their social media, letting us know how many plastic bottles were avoided in one week by refilling your bottle. We will then accumulate the amounts to post to our social media. Even a small number such as 5 plastic bottles avoided per week by one customer accumulates to 260 per year, multiplied by each customer. Help us show that each person can make a difference!

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Entirely made-in-Italy, the bag is constructed from our signature vegetable-tanned leather, which is sourced from one of the founding members of the Italian Consortium for Vegetable Tanned Leather, which promotes traditional methods using vegetable tannins.  These tanning methods are less-harmful for the environment, and the tanneries also enforce environmentally-friendly practices, such as investing in water depuration systems and waste recycling: fibres removed from the hides are recycled to make agricultural fertiliser, waste from the depuration process is recycled to create bricks for the construction industry, and organic discards are used to make the pill-coverings in the pharmaceutical industry.

The skins come from farms in northern Europe and are tanned in Tuscany, using traditional methods passed down generations, which are also energy-efficient: after the tanning process takes place in wooden barrels, the hides are hung and left to dry naturally in the open air.