Officina del Poggio

by Arizona Muse



Through a shared passion for research and knowledge of materials used in the fashion industry, this Capsule Collection features the iconic ODP handbag styles, dressed in sustainable materials personally-selected by model and Sustainable Fashion Ambassador Arizona Muse and ODP Founder and Creative Director Allison Hoeltzel Savini.

“Arizona has prompted us to ask more questions about the sourcing of the materials we use, and guided us to investigate and source sustainable materials to substitute existing ones, such as finding a new velvet fabric, which not only uses organic cotton but also is dyed using organic dyes and in a method which limits environmental pollution”, said Hoeltzel Savini.

Allison Hoeltzel Savini and Arizona Muse

Allison Hoeltzel Savini and Arizona Muse

The Capsule Collection uses some of the most innovative materials on the market, such as a Made-in-Italy synthetic leather created from 100% certified traceable recycled polyester, with reduced emissions of hazardous substances, as well as traditional materials such as vegetable-tanned leather from Tuscany, dyed using plant-based vegetable tannins and adhering to strict anti-pollution regulations.

The materials were found using the help of The Sustainable Angle, a London-based non-profit organisation founded to initiate and support projects which contribute to minimising the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

“I already appreciated ODP's ethos and approach to bag-making, with their timeless styles and a focus on fine materials and constructions, making the bags pieces which will last a lifetime and already a first step in the right direction. We just took it one step further, finding new materials which were more sustainable, without altering the quality or aesthetic of the product” said Muse. “My goal is to help fashion brands understand that they can approach the process of becoming more sustainable through successive steps, which is more feasible and less-intimidating.”

Even with small steps, we can make a big impact.
— Arizona Muse


As part of our ongoing initiatives for sustainability and to reduce plastic in the environment, we are proud to also present as part of this capsule the new Bottle Bag, featuring a front pocket to fit a mobile phone, as well as an exterior key clip.  Included with the bag is a 500ml Clima Steel Bottle from 24 Bottles®, with a unique double-wall insulated design to keep both hot and cold beverages.

The #ODPBottleBagChallenge invites customers to tag us in their social media, letting us know how many plastic bottles were avoided in one week by refilling your bottle. We will then accumulate the amounts to post to our social media. Even a small number such as 5 plastic bottles avoided per week by one customer accumulates to 260 plastic bottles per year, 1,300 bottles over 5 years! Help us show that each person can make a difference!