“In one week during my trip to the US, I avoided purchasing or using 8 plastic bottles, including those which were offered free in hotel rooms. So 8 bottles a week… that would be 416 bottles a year, and over 2000 bottles in five years! This gave me the idea of the #ODPBottleBagChallenge:”

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ODP Adventures - Venice City Guide

Living in Italy, it is funny how you tend to ignore the touristy cities, especially in the summer as temperatures and tourist-levels rise. Yet when you receive an invitation to visit Venice during the Redentore Festival, even in record-high temperatures of July, you never turn that down.

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#StepsTowardSustainability with Arizona Muse

We were so proud to present our FW19 Capsule Collection in collaboration with supermodel and sustainable fashion ambassador Arizona Muse. The Capsule Collection was presented February 24th during Milan Fashion Week at Senato Hotel Milano, with the support of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

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