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Allison Hoeltzel Savini grew up on the coast of South Texas, studying art and music throughout her childhood and attending Butler University on a music scholarship.  She then graduated with a Master in Arts and an MBA at Southern Methodist University, which brought her to Bologna for an internship at the Bologna Opera House.  Always with an eye for fashion, without a doubt sparked by her maternal grandmother with superb seamstress skills and an infinite shoe closet, it was in Italy that she transformed this passion into a career, developing and managing product lines for international brands such as Stuart Weitzman and Alfred Dunhill.

In the spring of 2014 she founded her own accessories line, inspired by her fascination of saddlery, vintage cars and motorcycles, and classic utilitarian bags, working with her trusted network of artisans to create leather goods at the highest standard of Italian craftsmanship.

Officina del Poggio drew its name from its origin:  "officina" in Italian means workshop, and "poggio" translates to hills.  It is exactly this "workshop in the hills" of the countryside surrounding Bologna that also became home for Allison. Drawing from her depth of experience, Allison sought to capture a sense of timelessness in design and quality – the foundation for Officina del Poggio and the ever-evolving collections she creates.


“A well-made bag is appropriate for all occasions.”

                                                                               — THE ODP TEAM