ODP Tamburo bags and Buckle Totes are crafted in a factory just west of Florence in Scandicci, the leather-goods capital of Italy, alongside some of the most prestigious Italian luxury fashion brands.


Founded in 1995, this company has grown rapidly, moving to two different locations in the past 5 years, and now have a team of close to three dozen employees, half of whom have been with the company for over a decade.


The owner honed his skills as a pattern and prototype maker at other luxury leather goods factories, now becoming a unique example of a craftsman-turned-entrepreneur (and a successful one at that!). As an avid motorcyclist, he has an added appreciation for the ODP bags and the inspiration behind their design.


This factory expertly employs both traditional methods and technology in their craft. This is most visibly represented in their hand cutting techniques and state-of-the-art machinery to cut leather. Patterms are made using CAD, with the prototyping process of each initial piece closely overseen by the head patternmaker.


The energy at the factory is palpable, largly due to the mix of employees- with the younger members of staff learning necessary skills from the more experienced empolyees. These young workers inject new energy into a craft which is sadly experiencing a decline in younger professionals.

A contagious sense of camaraderie resonates in the factory, even with the wide age range of the employees. They can be found on Fridays enjoying their lunches in the local park, or sharing a laugh with us over an espresso.


Crafting our bags is definitely a team effort, and despite the heavy demands of some of their larger clients, they dedicate the same passion and energy to all clients, both large and small.